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You have to be VERY careful when using images online, I have known multiple people that have been sued for thousands of dollars because they used an image they found online and did not have permission to use it. There are SO many resources that are legal, some free and some paid, but how do you know?

Here is a quick tutorial video on using google to find legal images that you can use for free.
I still always recommend giving credit to the artist. The images on my site are all my own imagery- but when I work with clients if they don’t have authentic photos-  We use some of these resources to develop their brands style, if you search there are very cool stock images out there that can represent you perfectly. 

(I am not an affiliate of any of these sites- just sharing them for your reference)

Paid image sites that I use often are:

Free Image Resources: Some of this list was from a blog post on Medium 

Additional Resources:
Here is additional information about why using your own blog post images are so much more powerful than stock images from the Elegant Themes Blog “How to create your own images”

I also shared this blog post in January:
A tutorial on an super user-friendly online image creator Canva 

If you have a go to resource that you use, that is not listed please share in the comments area below!