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Sue-Inspiring-ChickKid’s Corner Child Care Center
Owner/ Director

Do you remember the moment you decided to take the leap into owning your own business? How did it feel and what was it that made you take the leap?

It felt scary taking on so much responsibility of so many different people.  The children, the parents, my staff, and all of the governing groups that over see all the rules and regulations and at the same time it felt freeing and exciting and challenging.  To be able to impact children the way that I wanted to impact them gave me a sense of power.  I set the standards for what I truly believe is the best thing for children and that is to BE children.

How long had you been dreaming of your business and what inspired it?

I had been dreaming of my business since I was 5.  I told my my mom I wanted to work with children.  My parents
inspired me to follow my dreams and also the preschool I belonged to as a small child was 
wonderful and full of magical memories.  It gave me the passion to pay that forward.

How long have you been living your dream now?  
I have been living my dream now for 20 years. 

Do you have any regrets and what has been the hardest part of taking the leap?  
I absolutely have no regrets.  I have learned so much in life from the challenges of this job.  Each and every day 
the children  teach me to be in the moment which is what we all want to strive for.  Its my automatic reminder.  The hardest part of taking the leap was the fear of failure.  That is something that challenges me from time to time as I worry that the kids wont keep coming in the door as children leave out the door into elementary school.  It is always a cycle and my fear gets in my way that the cycle won’t continue.  I have had to lean on my faith and also do know that if I am following my heart with what brings me joy, the universe will continue to send me the children that I am suppose to impact their lives. 

What part of taking this leap are you most proud of?
Impacting so many lives in a positive way.  Leaving my mark on this world when I am gone.  The life long friendships that I have made.  Those people  have helped me in my life when I needed a hand.  So when I think of proud, I think of a circle.  When you put out to the world it comes right back full circle. 

I have each Inspiring Chick share their favorite quote, what is yours?  
Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us.” -Katherine Woodward Thomas- 

Thank you Sue for sharing your story and inspiration with us!