Planning your blog? Where do you begin?

Blogging can at times seem overwhelming and another thing to add to the To Do list but if you plan and organize ahead of time, it will take you a couple of hours to put together a solid plan, that will authentically and routinely share your ideas, product or service...

Your Ideal Schedule

If you could plan exactly how your week would look, what would that look like? What are your priorities and what gets in the way? Today’s post gives you a downloadable Ideal Week Planner to think through that and give yourself a target.

Weekly Meal Planning Organizer = Peace of Mind

While there are SO many digital options (I use a couple) every Sunday I sit down with my clipboard and plan the week in meals and make my grocery list. The battle weekly with menu planning, is not an enjoyable one. I love to cook but hate grocery shopping. I have come to grips with it because a house full of planned meals gives me great peace of mind. I share my solution here and offer you a free download.

Meaningful Memories, Holding Today

The space that I work and live in is so important to me. Find out in today’s post how I used memories that have been in my closet for 21 years, to inspire me daily to live life fully.

My Favorite Yearly Bill Organizer

I have been using this bill organizer for the last 5 years. There are a number of different ways you can use it personally and professionally. I hope it is helpful to you in 2015!