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Miniature Customs Manufacturing

Miniature Customs Manufacturing

Vicksburg, Michigan

Plastics Manufacturing

Motto: We are committed to improving the plastics manufacturing process through the use of automation and technology while benefitting the client in regards to the lowest costs, best quality, and highest satisfaction. Our philosophy is to use smaller tooling with fewer cavities for a given volume requirement. It has been typical in the past for MCM to replace existing tooling with half the number of cavities and still be competitive with the previous molder. We have found that the lower the number of cavities, the easier it is to balance the runner and develop a more flawless and repeatable process. We produce much less waste than a traditional molder of the same size. The only waste in our process is purge. Runner systems are reused with a closed loop system when allowed. If not allowed, hot manifolds are employed. The only material that the customer pays for is what is consumed by the part.

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