Tutorial Videos

How to Find & Use LEGAL Photos Online: 47 Resources you will love

Have you heard of anyone being sued for using an image online? It happens a lot, How can you protect yourself? And 46 of my favorite FREE and Paid resources for finding photos that are safe to use. Watch my 2 minute video to show you how to use google to find out what images you have permission to use for free. If you have a go to resource that you use, that is not listed please share in the comments area below today’s post!

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Canva Basics Video Tutorial: Perfect Facebook and Blog images!

Have you wondered how to get perfect Facebook Collages, Timeline headers, or cool print photo ideas without the use of fancy photo editing software? So many of my clients and friends are not super techy, but want cool images for a number of reasons- I have put together a simple tutorial using one of my favorite Websites https://www.canva.com/

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Planning and Organization

Planning your blog? Where do you begin?

Blogging can at times seem overwhelming and another thing to add to the To Do list but if you plan and organize ahead of time, it will take you a couple of hours to put together a solid plan, that will authentically and routinely share your ideas, product or service...

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Your Ideal Schedule

If you could plan exactly how your week would look, what would that look like? What are your priorities and what gets in the way? Today’s post gives you a downloadable Ideal Week Planner to think through that and give yourself a target.

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Small Business Owners That Inspire

Inspiring Chick | Sue Tunny | Kid’s Corner

Sue Tunny has a bright, calming energy that is contagious. She is an inspiration to all that know her, and she is working hard every day to live her life by design. 20 Years ago she made the decision to choose a path that she was passionate about, children, and has never regretted it. Read more about Sue’s journey doing what she loves below,

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Inspiring Chick | Christine Morse | The Pink Owl Project

In this month of love… I want to share my love for a chick who inspires me, in strength and courage. At 42 I have way too many girlfriends that have battled or are battling Cancer. After her diagnosis my friend Christine joined with another friend of mine Jennifer to comfort those battling this horrible disease at a young age and out of it developed a wonderful project impacting our community.

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Inspiring Chick | Hannah Cornell-Schroeder | Soothe Your Soul

This month my interview is with Hannah she is the founder of Soothe Your Soul. Her story is one of rising up from tragedy to not only heal herself but others. Hannah has been a friend to me for ten years and continues to be an inspiration for me daily.

Years ago when writing Chick Inspired I featured Hannah, and In this first issue of my relaunch I thought it was important that I share her story as a chick that inspires so many using her energy and hard work for so much good.

Hannah answered questions for Soul Happy Marketing and she has also given me permission to share one of her most powerful blog posts, raw and uncut.

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