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There is something about entering into the shark tank Monday with a meal plan and organized kitchen of groceries that gives me an incredible amount of peace in my soul. I LOVE to cook, but scrambling each week is a nightmare. 

Over time I developed a nice little sheet that I plan out usually onSundays- and then I can relax for the week. 

Print 52 copies or Back to back 26 Copies… and BOOM… you have your whole year of sheets on a clipboard or in a folder ready to roll. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.13.38 PM

There is nothing worse then a list written on a small sticky note in no particular order. 

There are a lot of awesome digital versions of meal planning and grocery organizing… but I tend to still lean on paper and pencil when I am planning the next week. You could easily do this on your computer too I have given you the Weekly Meal Planner PDF DOWNLOAD to print. 

I do have a ton of my favorite recipes loaded in and it does make a nice grocery list for weeks when I feel techy… but paper planning just feels good to me.

If you have a favorite app that you use for grocery planning please share below… for all of the anti-paper folks.  

I hope in some small way it simplifies your week.

Click on link above or the image below to download PDF

Blank Meal Planner